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    IT Help | Cloud Backup

    Choosing the right backup solution can seem tricky, as there’s a lot to consider. How much storage space do you really need, for instance? Must the service support versioning (where multiple versions of documents are kept)? How should this be managed? One of the biggest advantages of using an online backup service is that it […]

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    Why Choose Alltek for Your IT Support?

    IT Support Alltek Solutions have been around a while now. We like to think we know what makes our clients tick and it’s certainly not the latest technology or how many megabits you can store on a hard drive. Our clients are passionate about their businesses and ensuring their IT is running as it should […]

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    Are You Ready For Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing Cloudy skies with cloud computing services available to take care of everything from your accounts to your backups, it’s no surprise that small businesses are moving to the cloud in increasing numbers. But just hold on a moment. While cloud computing might think it’s ready for them, not every business is ready for […]

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    Want to Outsource Your IT – Things to Consider

    Outsource Your IT Outsourcing will mean that you have access to a team of IT Professionals, who can offer a wide range of skills and certifications that can compliment your business. All this without the expense of having to train in-house staff. With an outsourced IT team you have a whole department on hand to […]