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Cloud Computing and Cloud Backup

Cloud Computing is becoming an incredibly popular model when it comes to providing a service to companies which allows them to scale their IT services up or down depending on their needs.
A cloud is something that hovers above us all, and in IT terms it is the platform of choice due to the flexibility, access and storage power it possesses. In basic terms, everything you need is delivered over the internet. This means that companies do not need to invest in new hardware or specialist staff. Everything can be managed from a central point, the system can be automated and accessed at any time from anywhere in the world.

Choosing to use the “Cloud” to organise your IT Services is a sensible option. It minimises having to maintain and manage a physical IT system, which at times can be a headache for all.

Alltek can set up and create your cloud IT Service that allows you to access the best in data management, data sharing and data storage without having to have a main server. Your cloud will have, if you require, total IT support 24 hours a day. Alltek Cloud computing packages are incredibly flexible and we can dip in and dip out when you need or we can be present at all times, making sure things are ticking over nicely and that your IT Services are working to their optimum.

Cloud Computing from Alltek is a low cost yet highly powerful way of managing your company’s IT infrastructure, allowing staff to exchange data, and access information from anywhere in the world. It is incredibly secure and can support multiple sites and customers at one time.

Cloud Computing is the future of computing and thousands of companies are turning to this system. Speak to one of our technicians about how we can create and manage a cloud system for you.

Cloud Backup from Alltek Cloud delivers next generation intelligent data backup and recovery to protect your business and your critical data in a simple unified solution. It provides IT departments with a simple to use and easy to deploy enterprise class managed service, ensuring that an organizations backup and disaster recovery goals are achieved.

Benefits of Cloud Computing and backup:

  • You don’t have to wait until 9AM for your issue to be looked at
  • You don’t need to wait for an engineer to travel to your business
  • You don’t have to follow complex instructions over the phone
  • You won’t be contacted by the next random support team member
  • You don’t have to keep checking on your key systems
  • Highly scalable: Add users at a moment’s notice
  • Simple and hassle-free migration
  • Simple ‘pay monthly’ pricing
  • 24/7 UK based technical support
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