EFM – Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a copper based product.  We would generally recommend it if EoFTTC is not available and you need speeds of between 5mbps and 20mbps.

But there is another situation when EFM comes into its own.

If your business is based in a rural area, and getting fibre to the premises is either impossible or very expensive, because EFM is delivered by copper in the majority of cases there is no extra installation charge.

EFM uses clever technology to present the circuit as a single connection to the business premises

This product comes in two variants; a dual service and a quad service.  As the names suggest, the dual consists of two copper pairs and quad use four.

The All Important Stuff!

We are able to offer free of charge installation based on a 3 year term and we provide either:

EFM Dual

EFM Quad

We offer an eight-hour service level agreement as well as the same low latency that EoFTTC and Leased Lines receive.

If you are looking for EFM, then we would love to hear from you. We will spend time understanding your business and provide a solution that will fit your needs.

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