Why Choose Alltek for Your IT Support?

IT Support

Alltek Solutions have been around a while now. We like to think we know what makes our clients tick and it’s certainly not the latest technology or how many megabits you can store on a hard drive. Our clients are passionate about their businesses and ensuring their IT is running as it should to support them.

For many SMB’s, maintaining their IT systems internally can be a real hassle. By outsourcing your IT support to Alltek Solutions you can focus on what you do best and leave our team of dedicated IT experts to manage your technology for you.

Do you have proactive support?
Are you suffering downtime due to system errors? Do you know if your computers and servers are up to date with the latest security patches? Do you know if your network is secure from hackers? Alltek Solutions are truly proactive, meaning we are working behind the scenes to keep your IT operational around the clock.

Do you pay per support incident?
Our support is provided on an unlimited basis dependant upon the number of computers within the organisation. We charge a flat monthly rate so you know exactly what you’ll be charged each month and not a penny more – no call-out limit – no matter how many times you use us. This means our clients benefit from no unexpected fees, easy budgeting and peace of mind that your critical IT infrastructure is in safe hands.

Does your support contract cover all your IT?
We like to think our support is about as all inclusive as you could possibly find. Do you currently have separate server and desktop contracts? Are you finding that some of your IT is falling through the cracks of your current support package? An Alltek support contract covers all of your business IT system needs including:

Server support – 24/7 server monitoring and maintenance
Desktop Support – Support for desktop PCs
Laptop Support – Support for laptops and remote users
Smartphone Support – Support for PDAs and BlackBerrys
Network Support – Support for wired and wireless networks
Hardware Support – Hardware diagnostics
Printer Support – Support with printing issues